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I have been working in the Health and Fitness Industry since 1993 and am passionate about the benefits of physical activity and the significant contribution it makes to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I worked at All Aerobics Fitness Centre for 9 years and had been motivating and supporting clients at Personal Best Fitness for 8 years until April 2010. I have a passion for client service; focused on providing safe and effective exercise programs while having fun, and am committed to develop a best practice approach for the Fitness Industry in Tasmania.

I will be available to provide the following services;

  ⇒ Focus on functional exercises and programs to promote wellness, maintain and improve health.
  ⇒ Deliver a range of Corporate ‘health and wellbeing programs’ to improve work productivity and less staff sick days by creating wellness within the workplace.
  ⇒ Focus on improved cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal endurance, prevention of metabolic syndrome, diet and nutritional advice, decreasing stress and injury prevention.
  ⇒ Provide personalized fitness programs to clients.
  ⇒ Personal Training for one on one, small group and exercise classes.

Qualifications and achievements
Polytechnic Teacher of Older Adults Module 2011
Polytechnic Teacher of Resistance Training Module, Certificate 3 in Fitness 2011
Diploma of Fitness – Level 2 Registered Fitness Professional
Heartmoves Instructor
Smartshape Weight Management Coach
Accredited in Kettlebell, Fitball, Aerobics, Spin Cycle and Circuit training
Austswim Instructor
Presented at the 2003 Fitness Extravaganza in Hobart.
Presented at TAFE 2003 & 2004 Adult Education, ‘Overcoming back Pain’


“Over the past two years Matt has helped me gain lost fitness, and along the way lost around 20kg’s of middle aged spread. With my increased confidence, strength and general wellbeing I have felt comfortable in tackling many new life challenges, including completing the 130km battle version of the Kokoda Track.”
Valerie Hen, aged 55

“Matthew caters for my own specific needs rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”
Scott Donoghue, Proprietor Retirement Tasmania

“I wish to thank Matt for assisting me to achieve my goals and for being equally as determined as myself to reach them”
Lesley Green